Anthony & Scovill Company,  New York        1902 - 1905?

With the merger of E. & H.T. Anthony & Company and Scovill & Adams in 1902, Anthony & Scovill introduced their own version of the Solograph Camera which had previously been introduced by Scovill & Adams in 1898. The camera's lens standard design is believed to have originated with the Flammang Camera Company, which introduced a Solograph-style camera about 1897, this company being acquired by Scovill & Adams in late 1897.

Beginning with the Flammang Camera Company's Solograph-style version, and continuing with Scovill & Adams' Solograph, lens standards were constructed with circular brass posts. With the introduction of Anthony & Scovill's Solograph, the circular brass posts were replaced with square-shaped nickel-plated brass posts. By 1904, the lens standard's design changed entirely, now having wooden posts within which the lens board slid.  This design would continue through 1906, believed to be the last year of the Solograph's production with the company's name being changed to Ansco in 1907.


This Stereo Solograph with square nickel posts dates to 1902-1903, and is equipped with Wollensak Optical's Senior Stereo Shutter having a "Solograph" badge. Available in 4-1/4 x 6-1/2, by 1904 the Stereo Solograph was only offered in 5x7. Although several models of the standard Solograph Camera were still being offered in 1906, the Stereo Solograph had been dropped. Very few examples are seen today.