Bausch & Lomb Optical Company, Rochester, New York          1895-1896




The Improved Star Shutter was introduced in 1895, being seen on Rochester Optical Company's Folding Premo cameras, the Carlton Twin Lens Camera and noted as being equipped on their Folding Premier although the engraving shows the previous model Star Shutter.


It can be distinguished by the star design on the round Rochester Optical Company nameplate which has evolved into the speed dial, and the presence of a pneumatic release valve.  The speed dial replaced the ratcheted tensioning wire previously used on the Star Shutter to set the speed.


1895 appears to be the only year it was produced, as by 1896, Bausch & Lomb's new Victor Shutter is the only option available other than the Bausch & Lomb Stereoscopic Shutter found on the Stereoscopic Premo and Bausch & Lomb's Diaphragm Shutter ("Iris Diaphragm") found on the Premo Sr. Special.


Like its predecessor the Star Shutter,  the Improved Star Shutter is rather scare and is seen very infrequently.