Bell & Howell Company, Chicago, Illinois  (presumed)                    1912 -1930's?



This is a motor or veeder counter port cover for the Bell & Howell 2709 B 35mm motion picture camera.   

Research has yet to determine if this cover is listed in Bell & Howell 2709 literature, and it's presumed to have been manufactured by them. It could have been made by a supplier for Bell & Howell, or possibly it was an aftermarket item.

Constructed of brass, it has no Bell & Howell markings but fits the 2709 perfectly.  When acquired, it had previously resided with a very complete and extensive 2709 outfit.  I have never seen another, and in fact, didn't know one even existed before now.  It's in super condition exhibiting a great patina, having an integral knob to facilitate easy removal.  Recently having acquired a compatible motor for my 2709, I didn't have a need for this cover.  But knowing that I'm not likely to come across another, I seized the opportunity. 

Just a great accessory for the 2709 that one would be hard pressed to find.