D.B. Milliken Company, 131 N. Fifth Avenue, Arcadia, California                   1962



F26 film magazine for the Milliken DBM 4 and DBM 5 high-speed cameras.



Cameras such as these were used in a multitude of applications, the Milliken probably most associated with missile launch analysis. This 1200' 16mm accessory magazine debuted in April, 1962, appearing in the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) Journal Volume 71. 


The DBM 4 and DBM 5 high-speed cameras were said to be capable of 500 frames per second, with "true intermittent film transport".  The chamber and lid walls are lined with rollers to reduce drag during operation.


The magazine was designated the F26, permitting start-stop operation at any time during the film run, even at the frame rate of 500 frames per second.  No clutch or brake adjustments were necessary and the tension on the film was held constant by an automatic control.



An extremely scarce film magazine, of which I have never seen another example. Possibly the flashiest film magazine of all time.