Marketed by E. & H.T. Anthony & Company          1886 - 1897



Anthony's Hadden Shutter was designed by William C. Hadden of New York, New York, with Patent No. 331,494 granted to him on December 1, 1885.  W.C Hadden's shutter was mentioned in the Philadelphia Photographer July 17, 1886 under its "Report on the Progress of Photography in America" as being a light, ingenious and thoroughly convenient device."

The Hadden appears in Anthony's catalogues as early as February, 1888, continuing to be offered by them through 1897. Hadden's patent was not assigned to E. & H.T. Anthony & Company and it's undetermined as to who actually manufactured the shutter.  Despite having been introduced by July 17, 1886, advertisements other than Anthony's have not been found. This example measures 5-3/16" wide by 5-1/8" tall.


The Hadden Shutter is almost never seen today, and can be considered rare.




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                                   Source:  Google Patents