Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York         1937 - 1946



The Cine-Kodal Model E F1.9 is the more upscale version of the standard Cine-Kodal Model E, being equipped with a Kodak Anastigmat F1.9 25mm wide-angle lens and having a rear adjustable viewfinder and individual front finder objectives to show the correct field of view for a number of other accessory lenses available:




Priced at $67.50 with the f1.9 lens, the standard Cine-Kodak Model E was offered at $39.50 equipped with an f3.5 20mm lens.

                   Cine-Kodak Model E        Cine-Kodak Model E F1.9     


Being priced almost double that of the standard Model E, accounts for the scarcity of the Cine-Kodak Model E F1.9 today.