Gundlach Optical Company, Rochester, New York            1897


Unidentified Korona Cycle Camera model manufactured by the Gundlach Optical Company, Rochester, New York.


This camera is believed to be the first version of the Korona Cycle Camera under Gundlach's ownership, after they acquired the Milburn Korona Company in 1896. This is based on the camera's style with its elevated view finder and the knurled knob to secure the lens standard that was replaced with a curved brass lever on later versions. Invariably, most Gundlach self-casing cameras seen today are seen with this later curved lever.



The camera's Gundlach shutter also dates the camera to the late 1896/1897 timeframe, as the shutter was only offered for about one year during this time:




To compare this Korona Cycle Camera with its predecessor, the No. A Korona by the Milburn Company, look for it under the "Antique Cameras" section of this website.


Gundlach's earlier Korona Cycle Cameras are rarely seen, probably having lasted for only a year or so before hardware changes were made.