Gundlach Optical Company, Rochester, New York                  1899 - 1901


Although the Korona Model B Shutter appears in Gundlach's 1899 catalogues, no stereoscopic camera or stereoscopic versions of their Models A, B or C shutters were offered that year. In 1900, Gundlach introduced the Korona Stereoscopic Camera, equipped with a stereoscopic version of the Model D, named the Korona Stereo Shutter.


The Korona Model B Stereo Shutter appears to have never been shown in Gundlach's catalogues between 1899 and 1901. In 1901, although the Model's B, C and D were available with a single lens, only the Model D was offered in Gundlach's catalogue in a stereo version. By 1902, only the Model's D, E and were offered, the Model D also continuing to be offered in stereo as "The Korona Stereo Shutter". By 1903, Gundlach offered four stereo shutters: the Korona Junior Stereo, Korona Winner Stereo, Korona Automatic Stereo and the Korona D Stereo (formerly "The Korona Stereo Shutter" with the retardant valves now exhibiting a flat rather than a nipple-shaped bottom).


Two variations of the shutter in its single-lens version are known to exist. One has a downward indicator, pointing to the TBI settings on the maker's faceplate beneath:

The second variation has a tab at top with the TBI settings, the one being selected appearing in the center of the circle:





It's presently unknown as to which variant was earlier. If before 1899, the circular selector could be earlier having been changed by 1899 to the pointer style. If introduced in 1899 with a pointer, it could have been changed to the circular indicator subsequently, but the engraving was never updated through the end of the Model B's production believed to be 1901.


Certainly among the most beautiful early American stereoscopic shutters, this is the only example of the Korona Model B Stereo Shutter I've ever encountered.


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