Gundlach Optical Company, Rochester, New York               1892-1894




"The Rochester" is a sector-style shutter, manufactured by Gundlach Optical Company for the Rochester Camera Manufacturing Company's "The Rochester" camera of 1892.  The barrel is marked "R.C.M. CO., The Rochester, Symmetrical 5x7, Gundlach Optical Co., Rochester, N.Y."   A four-digit serial number can be found stamped into the barrel behind the wheel stop. A second example in the collection is marked only "R.C.M. Co., 5x7", lacking the Gundlach Optical name, The Rochester name, a symmetrical lens designation or a serial number.  This second example shown below, is configured for Waterhouse stops (note the thin slot):  

                                  The Rochester Shutter slotted for Waterhouse stops


The shutter is mounted between the lens elements and is capable of five speeds, set by moving the tension selector from slow ("S") to fast ("F").  The shutter can also be set for time exposures and versions equipped with a wheel stop have four different aperture settings.

Probably less than twenty of "The Rochester" cameras, in all formats and shutter combinations have surfaced over the past two decades.  Both the camera and the shutter are considered rare.