Gundlach-Manhattan Optical Company, Rochester, New York           1903





Found on Gundlach-Manhattan's 5x7 Korona Stereo Camera, the Korona Stereo Shutter is actually the combination of two Korona Model D Shutters.  Offered between 1900 and 1903 at least, this example dates to approximately 1903, based on the camera's construction, the Korona D Stereo Shutter's known production run, and the style of the retardant valve's lower end which is now flat instead of nipple-shaped as reflected in the factory catalogue engraving.


An exquisite and eye-catching piece, few examples of the Korona Stereo Shutter exist.


For more information on the Gundlach-Manhattan Korona Stereo Camera, look for it under the "Antique Cameras" section of this website.