E.F. Garland, Lynn Massachusetts         1884

Looking more like a Schwinn bicycle part from the 1950's, Garland's New Skeleton Shutter was built with a heavy cast frame, a spring mechanism and two sliding felt cloth blades reinforced by a wire and metal frame. The shutter was designed to be mounted externally to the front of the lens shade, and by all appearances looked cumbersome to operate.  Adding to its weight and measuring about 7" x 7-1/4", it's not a small contrivance by any means.

The paper label affixed states "Regular sizes 3 and 4 Inch openings, Price: $6.00" along with Garland's name and address.  The shutter was marketed through George Murphy in 1884. The engraving featured in George Murphy's advertisement depicting a square-shape casing such as that found on the Low and Packard Shutters, differs from the example shown here. Given such a housing was lighter in weight, may suggest this to be an earlier production version.


Almost never seen today, the Garland can be considered rare.