Imperial Camera and Manufacturing Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin 1901-1903



This No. 20 Imperial model in 4x5 displays Imperial's unique "crown" topping the lens standard band and a lens standard-mounted viewfinder. This crown feature is believed to have graced most all of Imperial's self-casing models.  It's also equipped with a double-extension bed and a Rauber & Wollensak Automatic Shutter. The bed also has a unique dropping mechanism controlled by a loop knob on the right side of the camera.  This permitted the camera's bed to be lowered slightly, giving the lens greater capability.


Other self-casing cameras of the 1899-1903 period, such as the Korona Series III by the Gundlach Optical Company, also bear a similar crown-themed banner:



Imperial cameras are almost never seen today.