Darlot, Paris for Kleine Optical Company        1910-1920

Auxiliary lenses such as these were typically mounted next to a motion picture projector's primary projecting lens.  Either prior to, during the intermission or after the main feature, the projector's light source could be slid to the side with this lens rotated in front of it.  This permitted the projection of glass lantern slides announcing upcoming movies, other events or advertising. 


This lens, manufactured by Darlot, Paris for Kleine Optical, is actually a Darlot Series III projection lens with Kleine's name branded to it. The lens is complete, with its swiveling mounting flange, tensioning nut and a broad-knurled collar that permitted finer focusing than the rack-and-pinion knob. Kleine sold motion picture equipment by various makers, and the lens could have been used on any number of projectors.


Kleine Optical was formed about 1893 by George Kleine (1864-1931), and by 1896 the company was marketing motion picture apparatus and lantern slide projectors.  Kleine would go on to become a film distributor after the turn of the century, later partnering with others to form the Kalem motion picture studio in 1907.