Mitchell Camera Corporation, Glendale, California           1957




The Mitchell 16mm Professional was introduced in 1946, being a slightly scaled-down version of their 35mm cameras. Although some found their way into motion picture studios, Mitchell 16's were used more for news, industrial and documentary work.


According to's serial number graphs, this Mitchell 16mm Professional would have been manufactured in early 1957.  The camera's Serial No. 519 on its focus unit, matches its No. 519 movement and No. 519 L-base.

This Mitchell 16mm Professional is shown equipped with a Model I-R-70 motor No. 99, a 400' Model 16-400 magazine No. 2034 and a Model 16-1200B 1200' magazine No. 762.

              Mitchell 16mm Professional with a 400' magazine








                        Mitchell 16mm Professional with a 1200' magazine