Mitchell Camera Corporation, 6025 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California         1923 - 1927



With Mitchell Camera's name changing from "Company" to "Corporation" in June, 1923, and their address from "6025 Santa Monica Blvd." to "6011-6025 Santa Monica Blvd." by January, 1928, this bottle of Mitchell Camera Oil probably dates to this approximate 4-1/2 year period.


This oil was intended for the company's first motion picture camera introduced in 1920, the Mitchell Standard, as their next model the Mitchell FC 70mm Fox Grandeur was not introduced until 1929. The wire applicator seen inside the bottle is attached to the metal cap, and when removed from the bottle, the residue on the wire pools at the end permitting oil to be placed precisely where needed. Applicators such as these were used prior to the introduction of rubber droppers in the 1940's.


Mitchell Camera's earliest manufacturing facility was located in Los Angeles, later moving to West Hollywood in 1929, Glendale, California in 1946 and finally to Sun Valley, California by the mid-1970's where they would close their doors in 1979.


Being from Mitchell's genesis years, cameras, support equipment and other products bearing their Los Angeles address are encountered far less frequently than those marked West Hollywood or Glendale, California.