Musashino Koki Company, Ltd., Japan          1968





Rittreck 220 6x6 SLR camera, manufactured by Musashino Koki Company, Ltd., Japan in 1968, with a Rittron f2 80mm lens.


The Rittreck 220 would be made for only one year, with production ceasing after Musashino Koki closed its doors in 1969.  Essentially, the same camera with cosmetic changes would continue to be manufactured by other companies under the names Norita 66, Warner 66 and Graflex Norita.

Monstrous in comparison to the typical 35mm SLR's of the era, this beautifully designed and constructed museum-grade example, appears to be NOS (new old stock) that was never used.  When acquired, it was accompanied by its original box, factory leather case, Rittreck "Revue" eye-level finder, factory waist-level hood, Rittron metal lens cap, and its factory carry strap.  The box contained what appeared to be the original paper padding, with the waist-level hood and strap still wrapped in plastic and the camera still retaining its "Passed" sticker.


Well respected by those who worked with them, most Rittreck 220's saw a good deal of use. Examples in above average condition are rarely seen, and to find an unused outfit like this is getting to be nearly impossible.