Manhattan Optical Company, Cresskill, New Jersey                  1894-1896


Manhattan Optical Company 5x7 New Anastigmat lens.   

Patent No. 554,737 was granted to Heinrich L. (Ludwig) H. (Hugo) Schroeder on February18,1896, for an anastigmat lens design having three elements. This patent was assigned to the Manhattan Optical Company.  Based upon the patent being filed on July 16, 1894 and "Patent Appl'd For" engraved on the barrel, the lens' manufacture would fall between mid-1894 to early 1896.

Per Dr. Rudolf Kingslake's book A History of the Photographic Lens, Schroeder joined Ross & Company in 1882, patenting the Concentric lens in 1888.  In 1894, he spent a year working for Manhattan Optical Company, leaving for England in 1895 where he retired. 


A somewhat scarce Manhattan Optical lens, of which I've seen only a few examples. 




                                               Source:  Google Patents