Mitchell Camera Corporation, Glendale, California         1950's-1960's

Spoke Pulley 200' Film Magazine for the Mitchell Standard and GC 35mm motion picture cameras.


This 200' magazine is constructed of Bakelite (or a Bakelite-type material) and has a base compatible with Mitchell's Standard and GC Cameras. Magazines of this style and size have been seen on Mitchell's PH-BEB-33 Theodolite cameras of the WW2 era, having a mount specific to that camera. Some Mitchell 200' magazines have been seen in black, green or beige painted metal, unfinished Bakelite or in Bakelite having a black textured paint finish like the example seen here.  The spoke pulley style on this magazine was Mitchell's last pulley design. There is no maker's tag or other identification, but the magazine's construction and hardware are unmistakably Mitchell.                           

Most of Mitchell's magazines today are seen in the 400' and 1000' sizes, which were popular given the standards for production at the time. Magazines in the 200' size were generally used in a more limited role, or as in the case of Mitchell's Theodolite, configured for a specific camera.


As a result, 35mm 200' magazines by Mitchell, Bell & Howell and by other makers, are not often seen.