Andrew Prosch and Cyrus Prosch, 36 Platt Street, New York     1885-1889

                                    "Eclipse" manufactured by Andrew Prosch


Introduced either in late 1884 or early 1885, Andrew Prosch's (later Cyrus Prosch's) "Eclipse" Instantaneous Shutter followed the earlier Instantaneous Shutter, introduced in 1884.


The Instantaneous Shutter had a slimmer body frame than the "Eclipse", making them easy to distinguish. Offered in four sizes with some being equipped with pneumatic or manual-only releases, "Eclipse" shutters were found on field cameras of the mid-1880's to the early 1890's, eventually being "eclipsed" by Prosch's later Duplex and Triplex Shutters.  Despite the introduction of the Duplex and Triplex, the "Eclipse" was being offered as late as 1889 in A.B. Paine & Company's Illustrate Catalogue and Price List.


Andrew Prosch's nephew Cyrus Prosch, was granted the patent for the Instantaneous Shutter's design. The Instantaneous was manufactured by Andrew Prosch, and he is believed to have followed through in building the first "Eclipse" Shutters as well.  This is evidenced by examples of the "Eclipse" found bearing the name "A. Prosch" and "C. Prosch", the later ones being manufactured by Cyrus Prosch.  Andrew Prosch also built the Champion Shutter, and according to The Conkling-Prosch Family by Thomas W. Prosch, 1909, Andrew passed away in 1897.


Being one of Prosch's earlier shutters, the "Eclipse" is rarely seen today.



                                  "Eclipse" manufactured by Cyrus Prosch




                       "Eclipse" manufactured by Cyrus Prosch - Manual release only




                  Andrew Prosch "Eclipse"                     Cyrus Prosch "Eclipse"