Rochester Optical Company, Rochester, New York for Queen & Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania            1893-1902



This 5x8 field camera is actually a Rochester Optical Company New Model Improved, marketed by Queen  & Company as the "Improved Model Camera".  The Improved Model Camera was sold with a Queen & Co. Achromatic View Lens that was typically nickel-plated. Queen is known to have marketed many cameras by other makers, sometimes giving the models their own name.  

With the ivoroid maker's tag marked "Queen & Co.", the camera would date no earlier than 1893, the year the company's name was shortened to "Queen & Company" from "James W. Queen & Company".   Rochester's New Model Improved, introduced in the mid-1880's, would continue to be manufactured in various forms through 1902. 

The camera's beautiful nickel-plated lens is engraved "Queen & Co., Phila." and the inside lid of the camera's field case is emblazoned with Queen & Company's logo displaying beautiful graphics.

Despite Queen being a major scientific and photographic supplier in the late 1880's and early 1890's, relatively few of their cameras or lenses are seen today.