Rochester Camera and Supply Company, Rochester, New York       1900 - 1903



Introduced in 1900, Rochester Camera and Supply Company's Tele-Photo Cycle Poco C Triple Extension remained in production through 1903, the year its parent company Rochester Optical & Camera Company was acquired by Eastman Kodak. Available in sizes 4x5, 5x7, 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 and 8x10, along with two shutter options being Bausch & Lomb's Auto or Volute, no less than thirteen lenses were offered.


This example is fitted with what I've called the Slayton Shutter based upon its inventor, Samuel Slayton, who was granted Patent No. 546,198 for its design:



         Source: United States Patent and Trademark Office


Not being one of the factory offered shutters, the Slayton replaced the shutter/lens combination originally installed, as the camera itself appears to have never been offered as a standalone item. Both the shutter and lens are unmarked, and relatively little is known about it at present.

This Tele-Photo Cycle Poco C is in exceptional condition, either having been well cared for, or little used. The quality in its construction is evident, with its tooled leather, lacquered wood and metal finishes and a rear door with a wooden frame and leather inset that's metal hinge-reinforced....all of which adds to the camera's beauty and durability.


For more information on the Slayton Shutter, look for it under the "Shutters" section of this website.