Rochester Camera Manufacturing Company, Rochester, New York             1895




Cycle Poco Copying Camera in 6-1/2 x 8-1/2 stamped Rochester Camera Mfg. Co. The camera was designed for those Cycle Poco users wishing to enlarge or copy pictures, and it could also double as a view camera when using an appropriately sized lens.


This camera does not appear in Rochester Camera Mfg.'s June,1895 catalogue, and may have been offered later in the year as the name changed.  The camera may also have been constructed with parts already stamped "Rochester Camera Mfg", as the company transitioned to the new Rochester Camera Company name. The camera is seen in the Rochester Camera Company catalogue for 1896 and the Rochester Camera & Supply Company catalogue for 1899. 

In use, a 4x5 Cycle Poco Camera would have been mounted to the front, by two brass straps attached to the lens standard.  Later examples by Rochester Camera Mfg.'s successor companies have been seen with slightly different construction, and the camera was offered in 8x10 from at least 1896-1899.


This model is rarely seen today, and this is the only Rochester Camera Manufacturing Company-marked version that I have ever encountered.