E. & H.T. Anthony & Company, 591 Broadway, New York for the

Rochester Optical Company                                                                                        1892-1897




There is no doubt, this R.O.C. labeled "Knickerbocker" 5x8 camera was built by E. & H.T. Anthony & Company for Rochester Optical Company.  Until its correct name is known, I've referred to it as the "Knickerbocker" since other than having a bed rail reinforcing slat and a bed locking knob that is off-center, it's identical in every respect to Anthony's own Knickerbocker.

This "Knickerbocker" version is equipped with an R.O.Co. No. 3 Single View Lens with rotating diaphragms. An ivoroid tag on the lens standard's base reads simply "R.O.C."  Like Anthony's Success Compact View Cameras Variations 2 and 3, the Knickerbocker's fixed lens standard is encompassed as the back frame is moved fully forward.

Manufacturer of the "Knickerbocker" is presumed to have occurred within the timeframe for Anthony's own Knickerbocker. The camera's bed rail reinforcement slat is stamped with the patent dates of June 21, 1881 (No. 243,136), November 11, 1884 (No. 307,965), May 18, 1886 (No. 342,212) and March 27, 1888 (No. 379,964).  These same patents can be found stamped into the bed frame on Anthony's Knickerbocker.  All but one of the patents were assigned to E. & H.T. Anthony & Company.


Anthony's Knickerbocker is a very scarce camera with just a handful known to exist in private collections. But this is the only R.O.C. labeled version I have ever encountered.  The model isn't found in any of the factory or supplier catalogues I've accessed so far, and I have never seen reference to Anthony making the camera for Rochester Optical.  As has been seen with other manufacturers during this period, in some instances, cameras and other components were built for competitors.  Some of these relationships are now coming to light, as collectors discover cameras such as this one.











       Rochester Optical "Knickerbocker"                          Anthony Knickerbocker with

      with R.O.Co. No. 3 Single View Lens               E. & H.T. Anthony Single Achromatic Lens


          Rochester Optical "Knickerbocker"                         Anthony Knickerbocker with

           with off-center bed locking knob                             centered bed locking knob



                                  Anthony Knickerbocker with a Wale & Mathein Shutter