G. Gennert, No. 105 William Street, New York         1883-1884          



                                      From The Philadelphia Photographer, May, 1883


Charles H. Scofield is best known for his Unique Camera, a portable or travelling camera introduced in 1883 that was based on his 1885 patented design. The camera was a self-contained unit, the bellows being stored within the box that became its base when attached to the track on the box's exterior:



                                         From The Philadelphia Photographer, 1884


Scofield held at least seven patents, four of which were photographic, with the others covering designs for a cast iron alarm mailbox, an automated gas cock and a vending machine.  A prolific businessman with an inventive mind, Scofield was an active photographer in Utica, New York from the early 1870's to the 1890's.  Scofield's carte de visites, cabinet cards and stereo views from Utica, New York are found today, with others bearing the name of nearby small towns that Scofield, or one of his operators are known to have traveled to. 


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