Scovill & Adams Company, New York          1891-1897


Extended body version of Scovill's Triad Camera capable of storing six double plate holders. 


This example was not configured for roll holder use, since there are no openings at the bottom required to access the roll holder's controls.  Although Scovill & Adams' How to Make Photographs and Descriptive Price List, January, 1891, states that "If the amateur carries six of these holders (loaded with twelve films) he is well supplied for one day", there is no mention of an extended body option in any of the advertisements found so far.  This statement most likely inferred that the photographer would be equipped with six holders, and not that the camera was necessarily capable of containing six holders. The Triad - Extended Body's dimensions are 6-1/8" in height, 7-3/16" wide and 11-7/8" in depth.


The example shown here is built to house six plate holders: one in position forward of the focusing screen, and five behind the focusing screen retained in slots.  This camera is presumed to have been a special order, which some manufacturers such as Scovill & Adams (and/or American Optical) were known to do during this period. Whether it's proven to be just an option at some point or a special order, production would have been very limited as I've only come across two examples.


Scovill & Adams brought many great products to the market in the 1890's.  But with the advent of daylight loading film and the demise of the glass plate, the era of large box-styled detective cameras had come to an end. 














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