Highlighted here are photos from Tampa and Ybor City, Florida by various photographers.  Best known of the local photographers were the Burgert Brothers.  Together, with various family members who were also involved in different aspects of the photographic trade, their history began in Ohio in the 1860's.  Half a century later, they ended up in Tampa and Ybor City, providing what was to become the best photographic history of the area from the late 1890's to the 1940's.



The Burgert's studio at 1515 7th Avenue, Ybor City in 1917                  Source: University of Florida Digital Collections



Officer "Dad" Green, Tampa Police Department, circa 1899-1900, taken by Burgert & Son, 1310 1/2 7th Avenue, Ybor City.  The cabinet card is unmarked, but Green was identified through photo's labeled with his name at the Tampa Police Museum in Downtown Tampa.  In the same Museum photo, another officer was labeled as being "Chief", coincidentally wearing the same style badge as "Dad" Green's.  The badge in the photo reads "Police" at top, with a numeral "1" in the center, followed by "Tampa" at the bottom, and then immediately under "Tampa" is "Fla".




                    Unidentified subjects, possibly streetcar conductors or firemen , circa 1911-1914



                                            Unidentified subject, circa 1900



                                               Unidentified subject, circa 1900



                                              Unidentified subject, circa 1900


Seaboard Air Line Railway, Tampa Depot taken January 19, 1901, photographer unknown