Taylor, Taylor & Hobson, Leicester, England         1891-1898



The Taylor, Taylor & Hobson was the most expensive lens option offered for Blair's Hawk-Eye Camera in the 1890's.  Imported by Blair from England, they were noted for their quality and commanded higher prices.  The standard Blair Rapid Rectilinear lens cost $12, whereas the Taylor, Taylor & Hobson cost $25 with the iris aperture option.  At more than double the cost of the standard lens, this is why fewer Hawk-Eyes today are found equipped with it.  The lens is engraved "Taylor Taylor & Hobson, Leicester, The Blair Camera Co., Sole Agents, U.S.A., 6-18 IN  D."  along with its serial number.

Ad from Blair's Catalogue of Hawk-Eye Cameras and Photographic Supplies, 1898

Hawk-Eye Camera with Taylor, Taylor & Hobson Rapid Rectilinear Lens