Wollensak Optical Company, Rochester, New York        1912



This shutter and barrel assembly, manufactured by the Wollensak Optical Company, Rochester, New York, was standard equipment for G. Gennert's Montauk Flexo-Front Multiplying Camera.



               From G. Gennert's Catalogue No. 58 believed to date circa 1908


This automatic shutter model is actually Wollensak's "Winner" Shutter that was introduced by 1903. It can be found on any number of self-casing and folding cameras of the era, and is also seen badged as the "Uno" (automatic) Shutter on Seneca's cameras. The shutter shown here is badged "Montauk", having an extended rear barrel with a helical track, set within a slotted focusing sleeve as configured for use on the Montauk Flexo-Front Camera. Focus was achieved by moving a rod attached to the lever (the rod is missing on this example) that protruded through an opening in the camera's front.



The Montauk Flexo-Front Camera is believed to have been made in 1912 for only one year or less. G. Gennert's catalogue No. 58, believed to be dated around 1908 contains the Flexo-Front. But pending more information, I'll stick to the1912 date based upon a known advertisement for that year. Reportedly, only three examples are known to exist, one of which resides in a private collection and is equipped with what is believed to be a landscape lens and Wollensak's Skyshade Shutter:

                               Wollensak Skyshade Shutter No. 1


With only three examples of the Montauk Flexo-Front Camera known, the camera is very rare.  And, should one be lucky enough to come across another example of this Montauk Shutter and assembly, there's an extremely good chance it will be attached to the camera it belongs on.














                     G. Gennert's Catalogue No. 58 believed to date circa 1908