Schaub's Automatic Holder        Circa 1904
Western Camera Manufacturing Company, Logan, Utah

Jacob Schaub is best known for his Multiplying Camera of 1900, some examples being capable of making up to 30 exposures on a single plate. Schaub was granted Patent No. 657,569 on September 11, 1900 and only three of his cameras are said to exist today.  Following his camera's introduction, Schaub established a new firm which he named the Western Camera Manufacturing Company.  It's not known why he chose this name, which had previously been used by the Western Camera Manufacturing Company of Chicago, Illinois.
Schaub also held several patents for improvements to plate holders, one being his Automatic Holder, Patent No. 771,939 issued October 11, 1904.  Holders then in use were often difficult to manipulate, sometimes resulting in damage to the plate when loading and unloading.  Schaub's design helped to minimize this problem, by facilitating the insertion of the plate via a hinged clamp located inside.  Pulling downward on the clamp allowed the user to place or remove the plate by only touching the edges.  The system worked well, but apparently not well enough to convince photographers to abandon their current holders.
Schaub's Automatic Holders were probably made in very small numbers and were not widely advertised, owing to why so few are found today.