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Mitchell Camera Corporation - Contractible Film Spool
Lubin Cineograph Lens
Todd-AO Mitchell BFC 65mm  Magazine
Devry Deluxe 16mm Movie Camera
Thomascolor 35mm Multicolor Projection Lens
Russell Camera, Inc. - The Russell Camera
Bell & Howell Tripod
Akeley Universal Gyro Tripod
Bell & Howell Signal Corp 1000' Film Magazine
Kleine Optical Company - Auxilary Projection Lens
Badgley Automatic Dissolve
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company - Edison Kinetoscope Lens
Kemco HoMovie Camera & Projector
U.S. Cinematograph Company Cub Special 35mm Motion Picture Camera
Williamson's Step-by-Step Printing Machine
Orazio J. Antonelli Motion Picture Apparatus
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Director's Viewfinder
Akeley Gyro Head
American Lifeograph Kinetoscope
American Standard Automatic
Wilart 35mm Motion Picture Camera
Bell & Howell 2709 Motor Port Cover
Bell & Howell 2709
Coles Picture Machine Corporation - Projection Lens
Milliken F26 High-Speed Film Magazine
Cine-Kodak Model B Ostrich
Prestwich Manufacturing Company - Prestwich Model 5 Film Magazine
Pathe Freres - Pathe Professional 35mm Motion Picture Camera
Bell & Howell Merit Award 
Bell & Howell Solid-Disc Pulley 1000' Film Magazine
Selig Polyscope Company Letter
Fearless Camera Company - Fearless Camera Convertible 35-50 50mm Magazine
Fearless Camera Company - Fearless 65mm Super-Film Camera 65mm Magazine
Todd-AO Fearless 65mm Magazine
Unidentified Focusing Mechanism
Victor Ultra Cine Camera
Fox Film Corporation Film Cement Well
Lubin "Marvel" Cineograph Lens
Mitchell Camera Corporation -  Matte Box
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Cinecolor Bi-Pack Magazine
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Bi-Pack 35mm Magazine
Bell & Howell Four-Hole Pulley 400' Film Magazine
Koehler Optical Company -  Koehler's Professional Motion Picture Camera
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Motor with Shutter Control
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Tag No. 28
Bell & Howell Six-Hole Pulley 400' Film Magazine
California Originals -              Krown Kraft Pan-Tilt Tripod Head 
Enterprise Optical Mfg. Company - Motiograph Projection Lens
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Mitchell 16mm Motion Picture Camera
Bausch & Lomb Optical Company - Cosmograph Projection Lens
Unidentified Early Panoram & Tilt Tripod Head
Fearless Camera Company - Fearless 35mm Film Synchronizer 
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Last of the 400' Magazine
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Friction Tilthead Model FH
Mitchell Camera Company         Six-Hole Pulley 400' Film Magazine
Bell & Howell Three-Hole Pulley 400' Film Magazine
Marlowe Camera Company - The Marlowe 16mm Movie Camera
Mitchell Camera Company         Spoke Pulley 400' Film Magazine - West Hollywood
Mitchell Camera Company         Spoke Pulley 400' Film Magazine - Los Angeles
Bell & Howell -
Universal Finder for the 2709
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Mitchell GC 35mm Motion Picture Camera
Mitchell Camera Corporation - 200' Film Magazine
Arriflex 300 Meter 35mm Film Magazine with Mitchell Mount
G. Gennert - Photo Cines No. 4
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Model S10 1000' Film Magazine for the Mitchell Standard and GC
Eastman Kodak - The Cine-Kodak 
Eastman Kodak - The Cine-Kodak Model A Series K f1.9 
Wilart Cinema Industries - The Wilart Institute Standard
Wilart Instrument Company, Inc. - The Wilart Model "A" Professional Camera
Hollywood Camera Exchange
Unidentified 70mm Bell & Howell Mount Film Magazines
Ampro Corporation -
Ampro Eight Models 340 and 350
Bell & Howell - 
Ultra Speed Mechanism
Eastman Kodak - Cine-Kodak Tripod Head and Handle
Devry Corporation -
Standard-Automatic 35mm Movie Camera
Mitchell Camera Corporation - Model BNC Viewfinder